Mining malware can also be used for data theft

The criminal side of the crypto world could soon develop a new scam. Instead of “just” mining crypto currencies without the computer owner’s knowledge and computing power, mining malware could also be used to steal sensitive data. For example, cyber criminals could hack into corporate secrets and bank accounts. This was the finding of a […]

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum inventor receives doctorate

Vitalik Buterin, founder and galleon figure of the Ethereum blockchain and the corresponding ether token, can now call herself “Doctor Buterin”. At the Dies Academicus on 30 November, the University of Basel awarded him an honorary doctorate. We present Bitcoin profit At the Dies academicus on 30 November, the University of Basel awarded Vitalik Buterin […]

Bundestag Election & Blockchain: Quo vadis, Germany?

The Bundestag election is just around the corner and with it the question of which course the coming government and German legislation will take for the next four years. Even before the election, it is clear that almost all parties are calling for digitisation. But what role can and will blockchain-based solutions play? We have […]